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We are developing the preliminary design in accordance with the wishes and needs of investors, and the valid spatial planning documentation for the location.

Spatial, urban and detailed development plans of the area in terms of purpose and possibilities of construction are analyzed. It is determined that the planned building is located on a public area, maritime or water resource. It is checked whether there are existing or planned corridors of traffic, energy or water structures of importance for the Republic of Croatia or a unit of regional self-government. It is determined if the building is located in the area of special protection of cultural and historical sites, archaeological sites, areas of special protection of water, parks or forests. The possibility of connecting the particle to the traffic area, electric power network, water supply and drainage system (if any) is analyzed. Already at this stage, the engagement of a surveyor is needed, who prepares the basis for the preparation of the conceptual and main architectural project.

It is concluded that the investor has the possibility of construction on the site in accordance with the spatial planning documentation, and the buildability is determined with regard to the zone of use, size and shape of the plot. The possible floor plan position, number of storeys, size and shape of the building are analyzed, and according to the wishes and needs of the investor, a couple of variants of schemes and ideas are presented. The most acceptable conceptual design of the situation of the building with the environment in the conceptual architectural design is being developed, and the conceptual electrical design with the planned current strength at the connection is being developed.